Ever since I received my first camera in middle school I have always been the one to document EVERYTHING. I loved to take photos of big events, and small. I drove my friends and family crazy because if we got together they could be sure they would find themselves in front of the camera. And it didn't stop at just taking photos. I also had a love for scrapbooking with my mom. Id love making photo books full of the people and moments that meant the world to me. 
This love affair never ended.

I have always been the girl who takes "too many" photos.

I really think this tragedy shaped how I view my business, and the importance I put on what I do. Although I am usually not capturing photos of someones last moments, I am always capturing the last moment that anyone will be exactly as they are. I don't take this responsibility lightly. I know I could be capturing the last or the only image of you nursing your child, of your child giving you butterfly kisses, of your baby's newborn scrunch.

I know that so often we don't realize we had a "last something" until it has already past. We suddenly realize our little one wants to walk themselves up to bed, and you realize that you already had your last time carrying them up, and you didn't even know it was happening. This job is more than just taking pictures for me because I know too well that when moments are gone these pictures are what helps you hold on. I have lost loved ones, and I sit everyday and watch my own babies grow faster and faster before my eyes. I believe that my photos invoke emotion because your photos truly mean so much to me. I have always said that the moment I don't get emotional editing photos for my clients, is the day I need to set my camera down. 

My path to loving photography is unfortunately not solely a happy one. A love for photo taking has always been a piece of me, but it took a hard moment to really ingrain to importance of photos into my heart. As a young teen I lost my mom. Suddenly I realized that when photos become all you have of someone, all you have to help you hold on to a memory, they truly are the most valuable thing. 

Get to know why I chose photography

Not just a camera.

sadie elizabeth photography

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10 fun facts

1. i will choose to watch a disney movie over any grown up movie.
2. I can sing any 90s country song
(but not well ha)
3. my husband was my senior prom date
4. I am not a good driver
5. I use to be an elementary school teacher
6. I have a total pen obsession
7.I am always looking to surround myself with people with only good vibes
8.I have a major sweet tooth
9.i am an empath
10.id rather be known as too loud than too quiet.

Moreno Family

 From the beginning, she answered all my questions plus extra requests and did it quickly as well! This was our first family photo shoot and she even went above and beyond by learning my family and their names. The kids were so shocked when she called them by their names but felt very special which was so nice. It was hot and humid July evening and she was able to make my dripping, sweaty mama self looking glowing in the photos. The kids were super into the water and distracted by it but she did amazing by working with them and my family. Plus it was packed at the river that evening and you can’t even tell in the photos. Courtney being a mama herself and just understanding all the needs, handle the kiddos & our dog and being accommodating with all, it was beyond my expectations. I recommend her over and over and over again! I look forward to future photo shoots with her too! 
 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Courtney was absolutely fabulous.

I like to laugh, I am goofy, and often described as "extra" . Whether you choose me for your wedding day, or for a family session I promise you will leave thinking, "that was the most fun i've ever had at a photoshoot"

I am alot of things:
Never Boring. 


Waynesville NC

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