A storytelling approach to photography with a focus on CONNECTIONS,
on capturing what's there without a forced script.

What should I expect from a session?

The questionaire will help me to plan locations, attire, activities, and vibes to theme your session in order to highlight YOUR relationships in the most authentic but engaging way.

Prompts will aide in guiding the session, helping to encourage natural interactions, but there will be minimal static poses and NO more of the forced sit and smile to the camera.

Preparation for each session will begin with a questionaire. This will help me get to know more about your family, or you as a couple to help me focus in on what makes you, YOU.

It helps me get an idea about some of what makes this time in life special for you so I can find the best way to capture it all. I am not here to offer a cookie cutter set of poses for every family to force themselves into. 

How does that work?

You come with your real and your raw and we focus on capturing what makes your relationships special and worth cherishing in the exact moment they are in. ”

“Because of this there is no pressure,
no stress, no expectations, and no possible way to get it wrong. 

Instead of bringing 8 packs of M&Ms just to beg your 2 year old to sit still and smile the way they never do in this stage. Let him bury his head into mom's shoulder and refuse to be put down, and let's capture that! Because let's be honest, that's your baby being themselves, and that is worth capturing!


Because you know what... one day he won't want to be picked up anymore, and I promise you will stare at that photo of him holding onto you as tight as he can way more than you'll stare at that fake smile stuffed in a Christmas sweater he hated. You'll stare because thats a moment, a part of your life, that you won't want to forgot.

Every little thing about our babies, and our love stories goes by so fast. Before you know it, all of a sudden, it becomes a little harder to remember those little things. 

Picture this...

At the end..
You recieve a collection of all the images we captured during your session. This will be a Keepsake you can hold on to for years, and anytime you're forgetting the way your little one looked up at her big brother, or the way the love of your life would tuck your hair behind your ears, or the way your baby looked up at you when you nursed him, you can flip through those pages. You can look back on these small moments and remember how big they really were, and how full of love this moment truly was.

Let me help you hold on


Waynesville NC

a Storytelling PHOTOGRAPHy experience

Another's Eyes